Stay Protected With
ChrisMaki.Net Online Backup

ChrisMaki.Net offers the industry's best online backup. With unparalleled security, ChrisMaki.Net Online Backup is the most award-winning backup solution in the market.

Backup Up All Your PC's With One Account

Backup as many computers as you like using one account. Over 60% of households have more than one computer, and ChrisMaki.Net allows you to backup and recover from all of your machines. Backup your home, office and laptop computers all on one account for easy access to ALL your files from anywhere.

Unlimited Versions & Powerful Recovery

Keep an unlimited version history of all your files roll back your books to last year's tax records if you wish. Use our time machine feature to go back to the date you want to restore and recover that snapshot of files & versions.

Military Grade Security

ChrisMaki.Net Online Backup's three-tiered security system provides complete data security and privacy protection. The level of encryption used by ChrisMaki.Net Online Backup is frequently used by the US military. ChrisMaki.Net provides an additional encryption option called UltraSafe™. Ultrasafe encrypts your data with a password that only you can ever access.

Data secured by ChrisMaki.Net Online Backup is goes through the following three-tiered encryption process:

  • Locally encrypted at 256AES
  • In transit at 128bit SSL
  • At the data center at 1024bit AES
  • At the point of log in with UltraSafe™